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3D Lipo – A Powerful Three Dimensional Alternative To Liposuction

3D Lipo machineThe Evolutions Clinic in Winchester is proud to be able to offer 3D Lipo™, “A Powerful Three Dimensional Alternative To Liposuction”. Call us today on 01962 809937 to find out about this totally non invasive non surgical way to reduce unwanted body fat.

3D Lipo is a new 3 Dimensional approach to the problem of unwanted fat and cellulite. Unlike other lipo treatments that utilize Diode Laser (I-Lipo, Strawberry and Laser Lipo), 3D Lipo technology uses Cavitation, Cryo lipolysis and electrophoresis which physically destroy the fat cells. The advantage of this is that there is no need to exercise after your treatment for it to work. Added to this, with the combination of Radio frequency and 3D-Dermology, the combination offers effective skin tightening and reduction in the apearance of cellulite.

3D Lipo™ offers an exciting new and advanced combination of technologies that puts The Evolutions Clinic in Winchester head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to non surgical liposuction alternatives in Hampshire.

3D Lipo is the alternative to liposuction in Hampshire. Call us today for a consultation on 01962 809937

Treatment At A Glance


3D Lipo treatments reduce subcutaneous fat using cryo (extreme cold) and ultrasound cavitation. The body disposes of any fat released by the process. These is no downtime to these procedures. From £349

3D Lipo™ can help you reduce the circumference of your waist or reduce the appearance of cellulite using totally non invasive ultrasound and radio frequency. It can also help you spot reduce local bulges of fat such as lovehandles, again in a completely non invasive way using cryolipolysis. 3D Lipo is a walk in walk out procedure designed to help you re contour your body shape.

History behind the 3D Lipo Treatment

The technologies used in 3D Lipo all have proven track records. Drs. Dieter Manstein and R. Rox Anderson originated the cryolipolysis concept at The Wellman Centre at Massachusetts General Hospital and this was then developed by Zeltiq and other high tech companies in the USA and UK. Ultrasonic cavitation has been used for decades within the surgical liposuction field as a way to fine tune the surgical results. Radio Frequency also originated in a clinical setting, later being developed into an effective cellulite and skin tightening treatment by Tripollar who also conducted the original clinical trials.


3D Lipo Winchester at The Evolutions Clinic the non surgical lipo specialist.

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