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About Evolutions Clinic, Salon, Treatments & Therapies in Winchester

The Evolutions Clinic is your health, beauty and aesthetics centre located in the heart of historic Winchester in Hampshire just off the main High Street. We aim to help you look and feel better with a range of health, beauty and aesthetic treatments. Our aesthetics and beauty treatments can help you address the signs of ageing, skin problems, body fat and cellulite using some of the most technologically advanced non surgical aesthetic treatments and beauty treatments anywhere in the UK. It’s not all about high tech treatments though, our aim is to offer our clients effective treatments rather than gimmicky “in” treatments which simply don’t deliver.

Results That Speak For Themselves

Aesthetics is a results based business. In our opinion it is no good having technological wizardry if it simply doesn’t work. Unfortunately there are many treatments out there that offer questionable results. At the Evolutions Clinic we have been known to spend months ascertaining for ourselves that a technology works before we offer a treatment to our clients.

Trained, Expert & Safe Hands

All our practitioners and medical doctors are fully trained, experienced and insured for the treatments they are providing. This is the minimum that you should expect from any clinic. However at the Evolutions Clinic we go further because we carry out our own continuing professional development program to ensure that practitioners are always up to date with current recommendations for best practice in their field.

A Blend of Technology and Traditional Practice and Customer Care

At the Evolutions Clinic in Winchester we make use of some of the most advanced technologies and up to date treatment practices. Quite simply we do what works! Our treatments are often a blend of technologically advanced procedures and more traditional approaches. Also what is prescribed for one client may not be the best approach for another. You will always be treated as an individual and treatments are tailored with that in mind. As one of our clients you can rest assured that you will receive top quality care from the moment you step through the door to way after you leave us because our customer care doesn’t stop when you leave us!

Ongoing Care

No one likes to feel that once they have paid for their treatment that it’s “goodbye and thanks for all the cash!” But how many times have you paid for some kind of service and felt EXACTLY like that?

At the Dr Victoria Clinic Winchester we not only look after our clients while they are in the clinic but our service goes way beyond that. Depending upon the treatment you will be given advice on ongoing care until the treatment area heals and you can contact us post treatment for advice if you should need it by phone. Perhaps you have had a treatment that requires you not get the area wet or exposed to the sun and you accidentally do just that. Simply call us for advice, we are here to help.

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