Anti-Ageing For Men

Anti-Ageing For Men – Look Good For Your Age

Ageing is an inevitable and natural process. The fact that it’s natural, however, is not a reason to look old while you’re still in your prime! Nor is it an excuse to look old for your years or some might argue to look your years. Modern anti ageing treatments are becoming as popular with men as they are with women. It is relatively easy with the aid of modern treatments combined with a good ongoing skin care regime to take ten or even fifteen years of your perceived age whilst still maintaining  a masculine appearance. You can also actively fight the ageing process effectively by adopting certain habits and adding a few products to your grooming arsenal.

Anti Ageing Treatments For Men

Anti ageing treatments aim to improve the texture (including wrinkles) and other age related problems such as pigmentation. There may be some down time after treatment, ranging from no down time to 1 week.

Botox for Men (stronger facial muscles means more product is required)

Wrinkle relaxing injections 1 area £225
2 areas £310
3 areas £350

Dermal Fillers

Under eye area £300
Nasolabial lines from £200
Facial volumisers from £550
Marionette Lines £300

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP, Vampire Facelift)

Face £350
Combined with dermaroller/mesotherapy £600

Other Anti Ageing Treatments

Chemical peel From £80
Dermalux Phototherapy
1 treatment £40 6 treatments $200

Thread Face Lift

Non surgical lift using Silhouette Soft threads. Typically at least two threads needed From £1500

Why your skin ages and how it ages

Your body, including your skin is in a constant state of repair. Old cells are broken down and new ones created. From the age of about 25, various growth factors and hormones in your body are in decline. This means that slowly over time cell repair becomes less efficient. There is more breakdown going on than there is repair! This is one of the reasons why as we age, it becomes harder to acquire muscle with exercise. It is also the reason that our skin loses elasticity.  Collagen and elastin are not being replaced at the same rate they are broken down. Since collagen and elastin are the scaffolding which supports the skin, this obviously has a negative effect and we begin to see lines, wrinkles and facial sagging.

Treatments to reverse the signs of ageing

We offer effective anti ageing treatments for men to reduce visible signs of ageing and to help rejuvenate the skin.


  • Botox – Reduces wrinkles by immobilising muscles, the movement of which causes wrinkles. Particularly useful for the forehead area and crows feet but may also be used for the Platysmal bands (turkey neck). More about Botox>>
  • Dermal fillers – To fill out deep wrinkles and lines such as nasolabial fold (lines which run from nose to corners of mouth) More about dermal fillers>>
  • Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (Dracula Therapy) – Uses growth factors from your own blood in a concentrated form to boost collagen. More about Platelet Rich Plasmas (PRP)>>
  • Thread facelift – The latest non surgical treatment for laxity of the face. The treatment uses specialised sutures or stitches to support areas of the face showing mild to moderate sagging. Ideal for those not wanting a surgical lift or not ready for a surgical lift. More about the stitch lift or thread lift>>


One Stitch Face Lift or Thread Lift

Before and after treatment.



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