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Unsightly blemishes such as acne, acne scarring, moles, warts and thread veins to name a few can all be effectively removed or reduced at the Evolutions Clinic in Winchester. Traditional beauty treatments tend to work on the idea of covering blemishes, disguising blemishes so they are less noticeable. However, you can have them removed without the risk of scarring at  The Evolutions Clinic so that you never have to worry about concealing them again! Call us today to discuss what we can do to remove blemishes for you on 01962 809937.

Blemishes we can treat

Blemishes such as unsightly or inconvenient skin tags and warts can sometimes get knocked or caught when brushing hair or shaving leading to discomfort or bleeding. Such blemishes are easily removed using advanced cosmetic procedures and cryotherapy practised at the Evolutions Clinic. Pigmentation is treated with chemical peels and topical products from the Obagi Medical or Medik8 skin care range. Acne can be treated using phototherapy and specialised acne facial treatments and extraction carried out by our experienced cosmetologist.

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We specialise in non surgical blemish removal. Today people are insisting on non surgical cosmetic procedures wherever possible. Why go through painful and often expensive surgery when there is a non surgical solution to unsightly blemishes? Blemish removal is simple and usually pain free though sometimes minor discomfort may be felt during some blemish removal treatments. This will depend on the size, location and type of blemish being removed.

What kind of blemish can be removed?

We can safely remove many kinds of blemishes. However, your doctors consent may be required before we can treat some moles. Many blemishes need only a single treatment. Click here to go to our sister site skin condition gallery >> Blemish removal using ACP is a very effective treatment and it leaves little or no scaring unlike some surgical treatments for these blemishes.

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