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Body Contouring – Reveal Those Abs

toned maleNo matter how hard you struggle at the gym, the older you get, the easier it becomes to gain some puppy fat around your midriff. Changes in the body, including testosterone levels and human growth hormones all mean that it gets harder for a guy to shift fat accumulating around the mid section. If you are working hard at the gym  but not getting the results you want then come and talk to us. Unfortunately, the older you get, the harder it is to maintain the low body fat percentage necessary to be able to see those hard worked for muscles! What is even more disheartening is the fact that whilst you may have a body fat percentage in the low double figures, 80% of that fat may be around your middle and no matter how hard you work at the gym it simply won’t go! As you probably know, body fat isn’t simply burned from the area doing the work so doing more sit ups isn’t going to get you a more defined stomach.

What you can do to achieve a more contoured outline

There is much that can be done none surgically today. We offer the latest non surgical fat reduction techniques to help you reduce stomach fat, love handles, back fat, man boobs and double chins.

Body fat reduction the easy way

Whilst body contouring treatments will not help you lose weight, they will help you achieve a more contoured shape. Trouble spots which won’t budge despite healthy diet and exercise routine can be reduced using a variety of non surgical treatments including cryolipolysis and aqualyx for localised bulges, ultrasonic cavitation for a more general inch loss around the middle or back. Call us today on 01962 809937 if you would like a FREE consultation.

More On Body Contouring

CRYOLIPOLYSIS is used for very focussed spot fat reduction for fat on the stomach, lovehandles, inner thighs, back and tops of arms. Single treatment is effective but can be repeated four months later. Find out more about cryolipolysis here>>

ULTRASOUND CAVITATION is used to generally reduce circumference of waist and thighs. Can also be used to treat back fat. Treatment takes place over the course of six to ten weeks. Find out more about Ultrasound Cavitation here>>

AQUALYX INTRALIPOTHERAPY is used for spot fat reduction for most areas of the body including the face. Treatment will be with our doctor. More than one treatment will usually be needed. Find out more about Aqualyx here>>




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