Chemical Face Peels

Chemical Face Peels – Skin Resurfacing And Rejuvenation

chemical face peelIf you have sun damage to your skin, uneven tone and texture then a chemical peel can help you achieve smooth younger looking skin. Chemical face peels are used to improve the appearance of skin that may have been sun damaged, acne scarred or just generally lost it’s youthful glow. Chemical face peels can restore the skin to a more youthful state and balance out uneven tone and texture. It is a skin tightening and skin resurfacing treatment that can give amazing results.

Skin will look more youthful and tighter and  than it did before the chemical face peel. A chemical peel will not remove all flaws, however the doctor treating you may be able to advise you about other treatments we offer for particular problems. A chemical face peel will not address thread veins which may also be caused by environmental damage but they can be eliminated by other methods such as our Advanced Cosmetic Procedures.

Chemical face peel treatment times and what you can expect.

Treatment takes around ten minutes though a thorough initial consultation would be carried out prior to treatment. This is to ensure that the treatment is right for you and that you know what to expect post treatment both in terms of after care and the results. You will be advised on the best level of peel to address your skin concerns.

After your peel you will experience some ‘down-time’ where the skin will come away leaving new fresh skin below. Your down-time will vary between 1-14 days depending on which peel strength you opt for.

We offer both clinical peels (mild) and medical peels (more severe)

Clinical peels are milder and suitable for generally refreshing the skin and removing light scarring and pigmentation whilst medical peels will address more serious deeper scarring, pigmentation and wrinkles.

With all of our chemical face peels a course of treatment is recommended to get the best results and it may take more than one session to see an improvement in the skin texture and tone.



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