Facetite and Necktite

Reduce fat and tighten skin with Facetite nd Necktite

Beautiful young latin woman on white background. Closeup portraiFacetite and Necktite from Inmode build on the highly successful bodytite RF Liposuction. RF (radio frequency) coagulates fat and tightens and tissue resulting in a firmer looking jawline and neck area and a more youthful appearance without the need for surgery. Facetite and Necktite are radiofrequency skin tightening treatments which also reduce subcutaneous fat. They have minimal downtime which means you can get back to your normal life virtually straight away.

Tightening will be apparent straight away after treatment, though some swelling may be present post treatment, this should subside within a few days.

The standard for facial skin laxity is excisional skin surgery (facelift, neck tuck) , but RF such as Facetite and Necktite is perfect for those who are not quite ready for a surgical approach or those who do not want surgery.

The Procedure

The first stage of any treatment is a full consultation and radio frequency skin tightening using Facetite and Necktite are no exceptions. During the consultation, we will asses the area you want to be treated and discuss your expectations. It’s important to us that you fully understand what to expect and have your questions answered.

The procedure itself begins with us marking the area. The area will then be cleaned with antiseptic and a small amount of anaesthetic is infused under the skin. Once the anaesthetic has taken effect a thin probe is inserted under the skin. The probe emits radio frequency to the subdermal layers of the skin. This tightens the collagen structures and breaks down the fatty deposits that typically form in the lower face and neck as we age.


Aftercare will be advised after your treatment and will to a degree depend on which area was treated. Sometimes a compression garment is advisable. ANy bruising or swelling should disipate within a few days. We will invite you in for a review to check on your progress.

What you can expect from Necktite and Facetite

Loose skin and fat in the lower part of the face can make us look older and Facetite and Necktite radio frequency skin tightening are designed to address both of these problems and generally improve the lower face and neck. With any cosmetic treatment, results will vary from individual to individual. Age and lifestyle are factors to consider. You can expect the area to feel firmer and your jawline to be more defined.

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