Complementary Therapies, Alternative Therapies & Holistic Treatment In Winchester

Complementary therapies are designed to work along side traditional medicine, to enhance it’s effect so you  feel less stressed, able to cope, sometimes to improve your physical condition and and to help you recover more quickly. Complementary therapies are generally holistic treatments and they work well in conjunction with traditional western medicine and sometimes they work well on their own.

We offer a variety of complementary therapies and holistic treatments in Winchester to help support your total health and well-being. The advantages of holistic treatments is that they do not come with the unpleasant side effects often associated with traditional drug based therapies and also in most cases they can be safely used along side traditional medicine

Holistic therapy is about supporting your body’s natural ability to heal itself and is referred to as complementary therapy as it is used in conjunction with and to complement traditional medicine.

Types of complementary therapies and holistic treatments we offer

Evolutions has an excellent reputation locally for offering effective treatments. with this in mind, when we made the decision to offer complementary therapies in Winchester we were careful to choose treatments which we believe have a proven track record for effectiveness.

Complementary Treatments in Winchester at Evolutions

Finding you effective relaxing holistic treatments in Winchester, Evolutions brings you therapies in which we have confidence. Holistic therapies  leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed in body and mind. Call us today to book your treatment on 01962 809937.



Health and wellbeing session fees.
Man receiving massage on back of shoulder due to injury.

Sports Massage

Physical therapy for soft tissue injury and sports injury

Swedish Massage

Physical therapy for relaxation and to de stress.


Can help with a variety of problems including anxiety.


Help with depression and emotional problems
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Intravenous Vitamins

Vitamin and antioxidant drip for vitality

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