How Antiageing Medicine Is Changing

26 Jun 2018, by Cathy Blackburn in Anti Ageing, Articles

ageWhen you think of antiageing, you probably immediately think of botox and fillers. For many years of course, this was the mainstay of anti ageing treatments. Today however, the emphasis has shifted from merely correcting the appearance of ageing, to actually stopping and even reversing the ageing process.

While we are not quite in Benjamin Button territory, some of the major aspects of how the skin ages can be reversed, leading to a more youthful look without looking “done”. Treatments such as platelet rich plasma (PRP), also known as Vampire therapy; and some energy frequencies such as laser and radio frequency, actively stimulate growth factors in the skin to produce new collagen. Collagen is a major structural component of the skin and underlying tissues which depletes as we age and contributes to skin laxity.

Of course, dermal fillers and botox still have their place in antiageing. Often as we age, volume is lost from the mid face. This volume is mostly made up of fat, which depletes and what little is left slowly migrates to the lower face. This is caused by age-related changes to the underlying bone structure and supportive tissue. Dermal fillers can replace this volume giving the face back a more youthful shape. Gone are the days when we merely fill the wrinkles!

So there is a lot more can be done today than ever before to keep you looking younger for longer without looking like you have had anything done at all! Effective treatments are being developed all the time. The range of treatments is already vast, which means that a bespoke anti ageing protocol can be developed in a very individual way to suit your exact requirements. Here at Dr Victoria Cosmetic dermatology, we specialise in combining treatments to give you the best possible result. Call us on 01962 809937 to find out more.


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