Injection Treatment For Veins – Microsclerotherapy

Injection Treatment For Veins – Microsclerotherapy

Video thumbnail for vimeo video MicrosclerotherapyMicrosclerotherapy injection treatment for veins in Winchester is available at Evolutions. Injection treatment for veins  can treat thread veins and spider veins on the body and legs. Sclerotherapy is the injection of a sclerosing liquid into the thread vein with a very fine needle which causes the internal walls of the vein become ‘sticky’ and close up. This prevents further flow of blood through the vessels. In time the body’s own immune system then clears away the remnants of the blood vessels. This is a quick effective remedy for individual clusters of thread veins but may not be suitable for larger areas or varicose veins.

What happens during treatment?

The sclerosing agent is used in tiny amounts and causes a brief tingling sensation as the agent enters the blood vessels. After treatment you will need to wear a compression stocking covering the treatment site for 48 hours. Small bruises may be visible at the injection sites but will fade within a week or two.

Microsclerotherapy injection treatment for veins is a good treatment for areas of spider veins and thread veins on the body and legs and can be used on veins not suitable for thermocoagulation treatment using advanced cosmetic procedures.

Injection treatment for veins in Winchester

Not everyone is suitable for injection treatment for veins. If you are pregnant you would not be suitable, certain medications are also contra indicated. Sometimes the treatment can go ahead if the medications are stopped a few days before hand. We offer an assessment to anyone considering this procedure to make sure they are suitable. Call us on 01962 809937 to discuss further or to book your consultation.

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