IPL And Laser Treatments – Why We Chose The Lynton Lumina MF

30 Jan 2016, by Cathy Blackburn in Andover News, Basingstoke News, Cosmetic treatments, Hampshire News, Southampton News, Winchester News

Laser and IPL in HampshireWith so many clinics and salons offering IPL in Hampshire, we wanted to make sure we were offering our clients the most effective IPL and laser treatments. Lynton Lasers are the industry leaders, making medical lasers for the private sector and the NHS. The Lumina is a medical grade system, and not to be confused with cheap Chinese imports which may at best give a less than “OK” treatment, at worst, could scar you for life.

With many clinics and salons using cheap IPL and laser systems imported from China that come with little or no training, it is no wonder that the top treatments when it comes to damage claims by customers are IPL and laser treatments. You need to know that the technician treating you is familiar with their machine, with skin types (which can dramatically affect treatment and likelihood of any problems occurring) and with general laser safety.

Not only do Lynton Lasers make great equipment, their award winning laser and IPL training in conjunction with University of Manchester, makes sure the laser technician is well trained to offer the various treatments that Lyntons machines can perform.

With many IPL and laser treatments no longer coming under the remit of the Care Quality Commission, it is important for you to know that the laser technician who will be performing your treatment has good training.

IPL and laser treatment in Hampshire, skin concerns treated

Evolutions Clinic in Winchester, Hampshire offers the following IPL/laser treatments with the Lynton Lumina MF.

  • Hair removal
  • Red veins
  • Unwanted hair
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Sun damage
  • pigmentation

Our Lynton Accredited technicians are available for you to ask questions about laser and IPL treatments on 01962 809937. Just call to book a no obligation free consultation.

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