IPL Facial Rejuvenation in Winchester

IPL Facial Rejuvenation

melasma iplIntense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment is suitable for skin concerns related to ageing such as fine lines, pigmentation problems, thread veins and rosacea. IPL can also be used to reduce acne flare ups. IPL skin rejuvenation is also sometimes called photo rejuvenation or photofacial. IPL is suitable for most people except for those with very dark skin.

IPL skin rejuvenation involves delivering precisely controlled short bursts of light which stimulates fibroblasts within the skin and thus increases collagen production. Skin will appear firmer and more radiant after treatment. Thread veins, pigmentation and other skin lesions are effectively treated using IPL resulting in a more even complexion. You will notice a gradual improvement to your skin with each IPL session.

How IPL works

The light energy emitted during the treatment is attracted to dark pigmentation, whether it is the melanin present in hair and age spots or the pigment in the blood (haemoglobin). The pigmentation is destroyed and thread veins are shut down by the intense heat that is generated.

What to expect with your treatment

Thread vein skin treatment using IPLTreatment may be mildly uncomfortable and the skin may be red and slightly swollen, feeling a little warm after treament. Very rarely a small blister may appear. The skin may appear temporarily lighter or darker than untreated skin. For most people these slight side effects quickly disappear. Typically around five treatments which are done over five months will achieve best results.

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