IPL and Laser Hair Removal In Winchester

IPL and Laser Hair Removal in Winchester for Permanent Hair Reduction

Did you know that on average, women will spend £12,000 in their lifetime on regular shaving and hair removal products? The good news is there is a permanent way to remove hair safely and effectively using IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and laser hair removal. Evolutions offers BOTH IPL and laser hair removal In Winchester and surrounding areas for men and women wanting a permanent solution to unwanted hair.

We use medically graded IPL and laser equipment which ensures the best results for both laser and IPL hair removal. These permanent hair reduction treatments can be used to remove unwanted hair from the face, under arms, bikini area, top lip, chin, legs back, chest etc. Over the course of six sessions held about a month apart you will notice the hair reducing and becoming less obvious both in quantity and thickness.

IPL hair removal delivers a pulse of light energy into the hair follicle which converts into heat and this destroys the hair follicle. Around five treatments are necessary to fully treat an area. This is because the hair can only be effectively treated when it is actively growing. At any one time only around a third of the hairs on your body will be actively growing, the rest are either dormant or dead and therefore not responsive to the light energy from IPL treatment.

Here at Evolutions we offer both laser and IPL hair removal In Winchester . Diolaze laser hair reduction is available with cosmetic doctor Dr Victoria Gauba.

IPL and Laser hair removal, what to expect

IPL hair removal underarmBoth laser and IPL hair removal may be mildly uncomfortable and the skin may be red and feeling a little warm afterwards. The skin may appear temporarily lighter or darker than untreated skin. For most people these slight side effects quickly disappear. Typically around six treatments which are done over five months will achieve best results.

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To arrange your consultation for IPL and laser hair removal in Winchester please call us on 01962 809937.

Laser Hair Removal with Diolaze

Diolaze laser hair removal is one of the quickest laser hair treatments available today.

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Call us today on 01962 809937 to book a consultation for IPL hair removal and laser hair removal in Winchester at Evolutions Clinic.

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