Male Waxing

Male Waxing – Superior Waxing With Lycon

male waxing We offer male waxing including back waxing, chest waxing and waxing for the abdomen. Also, many men have eyebrows waxed to give shape and definition; we can also wax the neck to tidy the hairline.  Waxing is rapidly becoming a popular treatment for men. More and more men want a hairless chest, neat eyebrows and of course a hair free back.  You will find that we offer a very professional and also hygienic service and we only use top quality wax made by Lycon. If you have never heard of Lycon or you are unsure as to how this product will benefit you then read on. Lycon is the industry leader when it comes to wax hair removal products and also training. Our cosmetologist is trained in Lycon waxing procedures and uses Lycon wax ensuring you receive a superior treatment. Typically you will experience a more comfortable wax with us so call us today to book on 01962 809937.

We use Lycon hot wax and warm wax for added comfort. If you have experienced problems in the past from waxing then come and speak to us. We offer a more comfortable waxing experience. Typically Lycon wax gives superior results with fewer ingrown hairs and less post waxing redness.

Foliculitis and Other Nasties

Foliculitis is the name given to the red raised bumps that can appear after waxing or even shaving. It is caused by bacteria entering the pore after waxing or shaving. The results can be itchy, painful and also unsightly. We give comprehensive aftercare advice to minimise the risk of foliculitis after one of our waxings. We also follow a very strict hygiene code in the clinic. Out treatment rooms are fully equipped with handwashig facilities to ensure your therapist can operate in a hygienic environment and wash hands. Treatment couches are covered in a disposable covering. Wooden spatulas are never double dipped.

Our Male Waxing Prices

Under arm – £12.00
Chest –From  £15.00
Lower back –From  £10.00-£20.00
Upper back –From  £10.00-£20.00
Full back – from £30.00
Half arms- 16
Full arms – 26
Stomach – from £20
Full leg – £50

Hot Wax prices for men:

Under arm – £20
Neck/hairline – £25
Chest – £35
Full back – £60
Stomach -£35

For hot wax for other areas, please ask us for a quote.


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