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31 May 2015, by Cathy Blackburn in Articles, Beauty


Years of over plucking or lack of attention can leave your eyebrows looking unkempt, patchy or thin. Perhaps your eyebrows don’t match the colour of your hair, or they contain wayward overly long hairs or they have bald patches or scars in them.

Whatever your eyebrow problem, we have a treatment to help.

Bad eyebrows which are too thick, too thin or in some cases completely absesce can ruin your look. Eyebrows frame the face and add  definition to the eye. Make the best of them by checking out our guide to perfect eyebrows below. There really is so much that can be done to improve eyebrows.

Some treatments are designed to enhance the natural brow, some to encourage hair growth, reduce hair growth and others to disguise imperfections. With a wide range of treatments on offer you can have perfect brows.


  • Sparse eyebrows
  • Short hairs, hair breakage
  • Eyebrows not growing
  • Too thick eyebrows
  • Grey or white eyebrows
  • Fair eyebrows


Picking the right eyebrow treatment

Semi permanent make up

This can be used to give the appearance of an eyebrow even when the hair is all but gone. Or it can be used to give definition to otherwise poorly defined or patchy brows; or disguise scars in the eyebrow. Essentially semi permanent makeup is a form of very superficial tattooing. Unlike normal tattooing, it is designed to fade over time and will need to be re done typically every tree years or so. A patch test is required for this treatment. Read more about semi permanent makekup>>

Eyebrow tinting

Ideal for eyebrows which are fair, grey or white. Tinting can help give definition to the eye area. The colour is permanent but it will grow out over a period of 6 weeks or so and will need re doing. A patch test is required for this treatment.

Eyebrow waxing

Waxing using hot wax is used to remove unwanted hair around the eyebrow and to style the eyebrow and make it slimmer. Hot wax is preferable to strip wax as it leaves no sticky residue and is less likely to cause redness. It is also more a comfortable treatment than warm wax. The treatment will need repeating as the hairs grow back but over time they will grow back less and less. Find out more about waxing>>


Long, wayward hairs can be trimmed shorter. Keep them in place with a bit of eyebrow gel or Vaseline.

Revitabrow eyebrow conditioner and growth serum

Great for eyebrows that just wont grow long enough or where the hairs are too thin and brittle and break off leading to stubbly, patchy looking brows. The product is based on the hugely successful Revitalash. Revitabrow contains a chemical which affects the growth phase of the hair follicle resulting in the individual hairs in the brow being longer and thicker. Read more about Revitabrow>>

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