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Cosmetic Clinic Treatment Menu and Prices

Our treatment prices for non surgical cosmetic treatments appear below. If you want to book multiple sessions at our cosmetic clinic or combinations of different treatments or group bookings then please ask us for a quote as we can often offer a discount for multiple bookings. Prices will always be discussed and agreed at consultation before you commit to a course of treatment.Content



Dermatologist consultation £50
Other consultations FREE

Laser and IPL Hair Removal

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Body Contouring


First treatment area £400
Subsequent areas £200

Ultrasound Cavitation

For single area, one treatment £120
6 treatments £599 (save £47)

Radio Frequency RF

Forma (RF)
Single treatment £150
Fractora (RF + Microneedling)
Single treatment £450
Fractotal (Forma and Fractora combined)
Single treatment £550
RF Fat Reduction
Single treatment £250

Aqualyx Intralipotherapy

3 or 4 treatments may be needed 1 month apart
Single treatment standard size area £390
Single treatment small area (chin or neck) £350


3 or 4 treatments may be needed 1 month apart
Mesoglow with vitamin C £220
Mesolift £300
Meso for cellulite £250
Meso for hair restoration £220

Facial Aesthetics


Botox For Upper Face
Wrinkle relaxing injections 1 area £250
2 areas £300
3 areas £350
Botox For Lower Face
Lower face £350
Neck £350
Other Botox Treatments
Calf reduction From £350
Hyperhydrosis (excess sweating) From £400

Dermal Fillers – All prices are FROM

Lip plump Belotero/Juvederm £400/£450
Under eye area £550
Per area/ml £400/£450
Facial volumising with Ellanse half face lower or upper £1200
Non surgical Rhinoplasty (nose job) £650
Other specialist augmentations, chin, jaw etc POA

Skin Treatments

Dermalux Tri-Wave Phototherapy

LED light therapy: acne/psoriasis/eczema/rosacea/collagen stimulation
1 treatment £40
6 treatments £200 (save £40)

Harmony Laser Treatments

Eyes and mouth £150
Full face £300
Full face and neck $400
Full face, neck and decollete £450
 Neck only £200
Half face £200
1 treatment POA
3 treatments POA
Full face £250
Tattoo Removal
Small area £75
Medium area £100
Large area £175
Extra large area £250
AFT Vascular And Pigmentation IPL
Small area £100
Half face £150
Full face £350
Decollete £250
Full face single treatment £625
Full face three treatments (recommended) £1680
Half face single treatment £400
Half face three treatments (recommended) £1080
Small targetted area single treatment £250
Small targetted area three treatments (recommended) £675

Dermapen Medical Microneedling

Full face £250
Half face £200

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP, Vampire Facelift)

Basic PRP
Face and neck £450
Hair £350
With vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid add £100
Enhanced PRP (Magellan Tru PRP)
Face £650
Hair £650
Breasts From £1400
O- Shot and P-Shot £1000
Mesotherapy and PRP £900

Chemical Peels

VI Peel (Intermediate peel for pigmentation, acne and intense skin rejuvenation)
Single peel £350

Thread Face Lift

Silhouette Soft lift. At least two threads needed £350 per thread
PDO Thread lift for full face and/or rejuvenation 5 point lift 10 threads £1500


Single treatment £500
Course of 3 £1400

Skin Blemish Removal with Radiosurgery or ACP

1st Mole £200
Laboratory testing TBC
Sebaceous Hyperplasia
5 minutes treatment for around 5 lesions £85
Up to 15 minutes treatment (typically around 10 to 15 lesions) £120
Up to 30 minutes treatment (typically around 20 to 30 lesions) £200
5 minutes treatment for very small newly developed areas £85
Up to 15 minutes treatment for small ares £120
Up to 30 minutes treatment medium sized areas £200
Up to 60 minutes treatment of extensive lesions £300
Other benign skin lesions, skin tags, seborrhoeic warts, DPN, thread veins, blood spots, age spots, milia, cysts, moluscum 
5 minutes £75
15 minutes £100
30 minutes £150
45 minutes £190
60 minutes £220
Lesion Removal With Cryo Pen
Single treatment £80

Semi Permanent Makeup/Medical Tattooing

Scars in brows £100
Powdered Brows £345
Natural hair strokes brow £395
Top eyeliner £300
Bottom eyeliner £200
Top and bottom eyeliner £395
Lash enhancement line £250
Mens subtle eyeliner/lash enhancement £250
Lip liner £350
Lip blush £450
Full lip colour £675
Beauty spot £50
Medical tattooing
Areola and nipple re-constructive tattoo £395
Scar camouflage POA
Scar relaxation (dry needling) POA
Alopecia patches POA

Sclerotherapy – Leg Vein Treatment

Spider veins, thread veins but NOT varicose veins
1 syringe of Fibrovein sclerosing solution £200
Please note support stockings are required before treatment can be carried out.

Other Treatments


For face £150
Face neck and decolletage £220
Upper back £220

RF assisted Liposuction

Bodytite RF liposuction £1800
Facetite fat reduction and tightening £1200
Necktite fat reduction and tightening £1200

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