Signs of Ageing

Reduce The Signs of Ageing

While you can’t stop the march of time, you can slow it down and reduce the signs of ageing at the Evolutions Clinic in Winchester. We offer treatments and advice to combat the signs of ageing.

Our treatments specifically target the major signs of ageing such as wrinkles, loss of volume in the skin, uneven pigmentation, skin dryness, unwanted hair growth,and other age related skin problems. So what can you do to reduce the signs of ageing? Call us today on 01962 809937 for a free consultation with one of our aesthetic team.

Anti ageing treatments at Evolutions

There are many ways to improve the ageing face and make it more youthful. Take a look at our guide here on treatments to reduce the major signs of ageing in the face.

Reducing wrinkles with botox and dermal fillers


Botox treatment performed by Dr Aarti Narayan Denning

Wrinkles and creases in the skin can effectively be minimised using wrinkle relaxing injections such as botox. This is a good option for wrinkles caused by movement, particularly in the forehead and suitability for this treatment is determined during an initial consultation with our cosmetic doctor. Dermal fillers can help smooth some deep lines and

wrinkles such as those around the mouth, the nasolabial lines (nose to corner of mouth) and marionette lines (mouth corners downward). Dermal filler is injected directly into the wrinkle thus reducing it’s appearance. Suitability for dermal fillers is assessed at initial consultation with the doctor.

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Replacing lost facial volume

Radiesse V Lift

Radiesse V Lift is one of the treatment options available for volumising the face

As we age, the face may lose volume leading to sagging and wrinkles. Particular areas of concern are sagging jowls, sunken under eye area and deep lines around the mouth and nose, (nasolabial lines and marionette lines). Whilst sometimes it is appropriate to fill individual lines and wrinkles directly, it is often better to re volumise the face which will correct the wrinkles and give the face back it’s youthful shape. There are a few different techniques and products that we use for volumising, V Lift, liquid face lift, eight point lift are some of the common techniques.

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Skin pigmentation and fine lines

Before and after treatment for sun damage pigmentation with Obagi Nuderm

Before and after treatment for sun damage pigmentation with Obagi Nuderm

Chemical face peels can be effective at minimising fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation such as age spots and melasma, scarring, acne and other cosmetic skin problems. Skin pigmentation problems can occur at any age but typically they are associated with ageing and sun damage.

We stock the full Obagi Skin Care range. Obagi Nuderm is an extremely effective ongoing skin care product range to reduce and keep unsightly pigmentation, melasma and age spots at bay. Obagi Nuderm is complemented by a range of Obagi peels to kick start great looking skin.

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Removal of age related warts (senile warts)

Age related wart

Age related warts can be removed without scarring

Brown spots may be flat or raised (seborrhoeic keratosis). These are a type of wart, though they are not caused by a virus as most other warts are. In fact they are a benign skin tumour which generally appear on mature skin which may have been over exposed to the sun. We can treat brown spots, age spots and seborrhoeic keratosis in a variety of ways for you. One way is to use cosmetic diathermy to cauterise and remove these raised skin lesions. This is a quick simple treatment that we use for a variety of blemishes because it carries an extremely low risk of scarring.

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General skin tone and texture, improving skin laxity

Skin tightening

Skin tightening

General looseness of the skin on the face can be tightened moderately using laser and radio frequency (RF). Both work by heating the collagen fibres within the skin. This has two effects. Firstly the heated collagen fibres shorten and secondly damaged collagen is removed and replaced by fresh collagen. New collagen production is something that slows down as we age and laser and RF essentially stimulates collagen production over and above what the skin would normally be able to produce.

New collagen production is something that slows down as we age and laser and RF essentially stimulates collagen production over and above what the skin would normally be able to produce.

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Jowls and turkey neck


Silhouette Soft thread face lift

Looseness around the jaw line could be improved using volumisers to replace lost volume (see “Replacing lost facial volume” above). However, this won’t really improve the neck region. We are one of the few clinics in the UK offering the thread face lift or stitch face lift. The thread face lift can improve both the face and neck regions. The thread lift is a face lift procedure which makes use of special sutures to support facial structures. With this procedure there are no incisions, the whole procedure is done via a needle making it as minimally invasive as possible. There is no general anaesthetic, just a local given and it is a walk in walk out procedure.

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Hormonal hair growth and hair removal

IPL hair removal in Winchester

IPL Hair removal before and after a course of treatment

Another side effect of ageing for women can be the growth of unwanted facial hair. We offer hair removal to suit all types of problem hair including Hair V-Go for fine hair and  IPL, which are classed as permanent unlike waxing .

Each of these treatments is suited to different types of hair. For large areas of coarse dark hair, hormonal hair etc we would recommend IPL or laser hair removal, whilst electrolysis can be used to treat small areas and also un-pigmented hair or fair hair which IPL and laser hair removal can’t treat.

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Anti Ageing Tips from The Evolutions Clinic in Winchester

We want to help reduce the signs of ageing in Winchester. As well as our treatments there are things that you can do for yourself to keep your skin looking younger for longer.

Protect your skin from the sun

The first step is to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Not only will you be preventing premature signs of aging, you will also be reducing your risk of developing skin cancer.

  • Avoid direct sun on your skin when it is at it’s strongest between 11 am and 4 pm.
  • If you must go out in the mid day sun use a generous amount of sunscreen and reapply it frequently (every 2 to 3 hours).
  • Use a sunscreen that has an SPF (sun protection factor) greater than 15 and that offers both UVA and UVB protection.
  • Apply sunscreen all year round at least 15 to 30 minutes before going out. Many good quality moisturisers and make ups contain sunscreen these days.
  • Avoid tanning beds.

Other things to keep your skin healthy

Exercise keep your body fit and decrease your risk of conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease, Exercise gets the blood flowing giving your skin a healthy glow as the increased blood flow delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the skin. The increase in oxygen and nutrients to skin cells also provides the ideal conditions needed for collagen production. Collagen is a key ingredient to having wrinkle free skin! Exercise should be an important part of every anti-aging skin care program.

Nutrition. Sometimes minor nutritional deficiencies can cause the skin to look dry, patchy and sallow. Rashes, skin lesions, and other skin changes may also occur. Our nutritionalist may be able to guide you further.

stop smokingStop smoking!
 Smoking can seriously harm your skin. Research has shown that exposure to cigarette smoke significantly increases skin wrinkles and dryness. This is partly because cigarette smoke depletes your body of vitamin C, which is a key antioxidant and helps keep your skin plump and moist. 

Sleep.  Not enough sleep makes you look and feel tired. One of the first places where lack of sleep shows up is on your face, with sagging skin and dark circles and bags under the eyes. Research has shown that most adults are at their best with around eight hours sleep per night. Ask about our relaxation CD’s and MP3’s.

Stay beautiful for longer. Call us today on 01962 809937 for a free consultation.

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