Semi Permanent Makeup In Winchester

Permanent and Semi Permanent Makeup

permanent maeupLooking beautiful has never been easier. If you don’t want a long drawn out beauty regime but still want to look good then semi permanent makeup  was designed for you! Call us today to discus your requirements on 01962 809937.

Sometimes referred to as semi permanent makeup, semi permanent cosmetic, micro pigmentation or medical tattooing, permanent make up which fades with time is in fact the correct term for the procedure. Semi permanent makeup is a form of medical tattooing that uses inks with a high bio-compatibility that are infused into the skin via a needle though the needle doesn’t penetrate as deeply as regular tattooing. The results last up to five years.

Permanent make-up or medical tattooing is low cost, safe, non-surgical and very natural looking. With it, you wake up beautiful every morning! It’s a very affordable way to maintain your beauty and enhance areas which you feel need more focus. The procedure is fairly quick and allows a working woman to have the treatment in the morning and return to work that afternoon.

Semi Permanent Makeup Treatment At A Glance


Permanent makeup or Semi Permanent Makeup is a form of tattooing. Results fade over time and typically need re-doing after around 3 years. There is very little down time with this treatment See below
Semi Permanent Makup / Permanent Make Up Treatment And Prices Menu                                     
Powdered Brows £345
Natural hair strokes brow £395
Top eyeliner £300
Bottom eyeliner £200
Top and bottom eyeliner £395
Lash enhancement line £250
Mens subtle eyeliner/lash enhancement £250
Lip liner £350
Lip blush £450
Full lip colour £675
Beauty spot £50

Permanent make-up is perfect for:

  • Career women who have little time for tedious daily make-up preparation
  • Busy, active, athletic women
  • Women with limited dexterity or vision

Permanent makeup will:

  • Enhanced eyebrows that are too thin or over-plucked. We’ll create a design, shape and custom-blended color to complement your face and skin tone.
  • Give you eyeliner that never smears– great for after workout, swimming, and more.
  • Give you bleed free Lipliner.
  • Reshape uneven lips and conceals scarring.

Permanent  Make Up Procedure

Semi permanent eyebrow before



Semi permanent after

Imediately after treatment


A local topical anesthetic is used to numb the treatment area. We will run through a full consultation with you while the anesthetic takes effect. During the consultation for semi permanent cosmetic we can evaluate the most suitable colors, taking into consideration your skin tone and personality. The anesthetic is removed after around 25 minutes. The permanent makeup is  then designed and drawn on your face with makeup pencil as the template to follow during your procedure. Once the colour and shape have been agreed upon,  the pigment is then implanted into the skin using a disposable needle. More anesthetic can be applied if neccessary throughout the medical tattoing procedure.

After the treatment, the pigment colour will be darker and the area treated may be slight swollen, which is a normal result of the procedure and will reduce in a couple of days. A detailed after-care instruction will be provided so you may take home and follow.

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Medical tattooing, semi permenent cosmetic is one of the beauty treatments available at The Evolutions Clinic in Winchester.

Medical Tattooing and semi permanent maekup with Skin Evolutions, The Evolutions Clinic, call 01962 809937.

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