Facial & Body Treatments for Men from Evolutions Clinic Winchester

Today’s man is much more conscious about the way he looks and it is both acceptable and very common for men to visit aesthetics clinics for a wide range of treatments. We are proud to offer a range of treatments specifically tailored for men.

Aesthetics for men

Do you want to look a little younger? Do you want a more chiseled profile? Perhaps a straighter nose? All this can be done without surgery at Evolutions Clinic.

Facial Aesthetics for Men

The male face differs considerably to that of the female face, and it requires a different approach to treatment. Whilst we would use the same products, the treatment approach will usually be different to when we treat a woman. Often more product is needed, particularly with Botox as your facial muscles will usually be stronger than a woman’s and require more treatment to relax them.

Male facial anatomy differs in detail from the female counterpart. The bony structures such as the orbits (around the eyes), glabella (number 11’s between the eyes), cheek bones and chin tend to be more prominent. The action of male hormones, in particular testosterone on the sebaceous glands mean that the skin is thicker and harder to treat.

Our aim is to increased facial attractiveness. Masculinity and attractiveness are two significant components of male facial aesthetics and we focus on these with the help of a variety of treatments and products including dermal fillers, botox, platelet rich plasma treatment, medical skin needling etc.

Body Contouring for Men

Sick of going to the gym and not being able to get rid of fat around your midriff? We specialise in non surgical fat reduction treatments to both generally reduce the circumference of your waist and also reduce specific trouble spots such as belly fat , love handles and double chin.

 Facials for Men

Your skin can benefit from our specialist Hydrafacial facial treatments. Whether you are acne prone, suffer with dry skin, need an exfoliating treatment, Hydrafacial will leave you with revitalised skin.

The P Shot

Revolutionary new treatment using platelet rich plasma to enhance the sexual health of men. Patients report better quality erections, increased size, better appearance and enhanced pleasure from 4 days to 3 weeks after treatment.

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