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Unwanted Hair Removal

unwanted hair removal in WinchesterAt the Evolutions clinic we pride ourselves in offering effective treatments for all your appearance concerns including unwanted hair removal. Different types of hair require a different approach. Unwanted hair removal needs the correct approach and the correct treatment for the hair type in order that it is successful.

We can help you with unwanted hair removal and reduce unwanted vellus hair using the effective Hair V Go hair removal system. Hair V Go is a painless hair removal and permanent hair reduction treatment. Hair removal is carried out at the clinic after which you will be supplied with professional strength home care products to retard the hair growth process. With a course of treatment and use of home products you can significantly reduce the amount and length of hair in the treatment area. Further top up sessions may be required sis months or a year later.

Thicker hair and hormonal hair can be removed using IPL or laser hair removal. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a permanent hair reduction treatment which can significantly reduce the amount of hair in the treatment area. Typically you will need around six sessions to acheive good results. Further top up sessions may be required sis months or a year later. Dark hair will respond quicker to treatment with IPL than lighter hair.

The Importance of choosing the right hair removal

How permanent is laser hair removalIPL hair removal and laser hair removal should not be used to treat fine vellus hair. It has become apparent that in some cases vellus hair can turn into coarser more obvious hair after laser or IPL treatment. For this reason we recommend Hair V Go for this type of unwanted hair. This will not stimulate the follicles and turn vellus hair into coarser terminal hair. Hair V Go is an established treatment which is suited to all skin types and coloured including Asian and black skin.

Whichever method of hair reduction you choose, you will need a course of treatments to acheive good results. This will vary from person to person.

Remove unwanted hair at the Evolutions Clinic in Winchester

Unwanted hair whether on the face or body can easily be removed using permanent hair reduction technology. Unwanted hair arises for a number of reasons. Unwanted hair may be hereditary, it may be hormone induced or due to illness or certain medications.

Unwanted hair removal at the Evolutions Clinic in Winchester

At the Evolutions Clinic, we thoroughly assess any treatment protocol before offering it to our clients including treatment for unwanted hair removal. We assess carefully how effective a particular treatment is and that has to be based on real results from real people. Unwanted hair removal made easy at the Evolutions Clinic in Winchester. Call us today on 01962 809937.

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