Volumising Treatment

Volumising treatment – The Liquid Face Lift.

imagesAs your face ages it may lose volume, particularly from the cheeks. The younger the face, the firmer the skin and the more defined the contours. A young face is more V shaped. As we age, the proportions of the face slowly alter, the cheeks lose their volume and sink downwards and the face becomes wider at the bottom. Add to this the age induced lack of moisture and slowing down of cell turnover and the signs of ageing become more visible. Deeper wrinkles start to form, the face, particularly the jawline starts to sag because of the loss of volume and the loss of elasticity in the skin.

The Liquid face lift

The liquid face lift, also referred to as the V lift or the eight point lift is a treatment protocol using a specific type of dermal filler known as a volumiser. This aims to restore the youthful V shape to the face and reduce lines and wrinkles. The liquid face Lift is the key to giving a more youthful look. Instead of simply treating individual lines and wrinkles, the underlying problem of volume loss is treated. Once the volume and the right proportion is restored, wrinkles and lines are reduced and the face will be restored to its more youthful look. This gives a much better and more natural look than simply filling the wrinkles.

How volumising treatment works

The V lift or liquid face lift is the key to restoring a more youthful shape to the face and reducing lines and wrinkles in a single treatment. Dermal fillers based on cross linked hyaluronic acid (a substance which occurs naturally in the body) are injected into the structures supporting the skin. This provides a lifting effect and gives instant volume.

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Radiesse V Lift

Note how the right hand side has more volume around the cheek. This has caused the lines around the mouth and the nasolabial fold to be greatly reduced without the addition of fillers in those areas.

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