Weight Problems

Weight Problems

cos2Weight gain is becoming more of a problem. More and more people are finding it hard to keep to a healthy body weight. Weight loss and weight control is made easy using our effective weight loss programs which include life coaching and nutritional advice. We also stock weight loss supplements designed to keep you feeling fuller for longer so call us today for a chat so we can help you decide on the best course of action on 01962 809937.

 Our weight loss program is individually tailored to the client. We offer lifestyle advice that is easy to stick to  and nutritional interventions and we always recognise that each person is an individual and will have unique eating patterns and motivations, many of which can be undone using specific nutritional strategies to reduce stress and imbalance within the body.

Weight loss program in Winchester

Lose weight with our nutritional guidance Discover what is holding you back from losing weight. What foods are making you fat! Between two and six sessions are all that are needed to reprogram your metabolism to burn fat and not store it.

Diets don’t work!

Statistics show that two thirds of us who lose weight by dieting put it all back on within a year! Not only that but ninety five percent of us have re gained all the weight lost within five years. Often we then go on to put even more weight on and end up even heavier than we were before. Each time we diet and lose weight we end up getting heavier and heavier. Many of our clients come to us with exactly that problem and they end up feeling afraid of food because they feel it controls their lives.

Do things differently this time.

Our key nutritional strategies offer a different way to lose weight than traditional dieting. Our weight loss program means that you won’t be thinking about food all the time nor craving unhelpful foods because there are no banned foods. We look at helping you make changes to what you eat most of the time which allow you to lose weight whilst allowing you some freedom. You will easily be able to eat smaller portions without giving it a second thought. When you put the right fuel into your body you will no longer be over stimulating your appetite! With our weight loss program there is no need to eat tasteless low fat food though there will be two small changes that you can make to what you eat during the day that make the program work exceptionally well. Most importantly, there are no banned foods. Come and join us today and lose weight and keep it off for good.

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Beauty treatments, aesthetics, weight loss treatments and body contouring are available at our clinic in Winchester city centre.

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