Which anti ageing treatment is right for you?

05 Apr 2015, by Cathy Blackburn in Anti Ageing, Articles, Cosmetic treatments

dermal fillers, results that can be achievedBotox, dermal fillers, laser skin resurfacing, thread face lift, vampire face lift, anti wrinkle creams; with so many anti ageing treatments and products out there it can be difficult to know which anti ageing treatment is right for you.

Many people come to see us asking for a particular treatment without really knowing whether it will achieve the results they want. This is usually because they have seen the treatment on TV or in the press. The problem is that the media does not often paint a true picture of cosmetic treatment, preferring instead to court viewing figures via high drama at the expense of truthfulness.

So how do you choose the right anti ageing treatment?

Choosing the right anti ageing treatment largely depends on what age related problems are presenting. So if you want to know which anti ageing treatment is right for you? Here is our guide.

Frown lines, wrinkly forehead and crows feet

Botox is the best treatment for this. These are wrinkles which are caused by movement of facial muscles and the best way to stop them is to immobilise those muscles, which is exactly what botox does, for around 3 to 6 months. Read more about Botox here>>

Smokers lines around the mouth

Although these wrinkles are caused by movement, ie puckering up to take a drag of a cigarette, botox is generally not used to treat smokers lines around the mouth. The treatment of choice for smokers lines would be a hyaluronic acid based dermal filler injected into the wrinkles to plump them out. Read more about dermal fillers here>>

Thin lips

As we age, volume is lost from the lips. This can be replaced using a dermal filler specially designed for lip plumping. The idea is to replace lost volume rather than over plumping. Read more about lip augmentation>>

Under eye bags and tear trough

The under eye area should be approached with extreme caution when it comes to cosmetic treatment. Often the area can be improved by replacing mid face volume without injecting fillers into the under eye area it’s self. Platelet rich plasma (Vampire therapy) using your own blood plasma is an effective treatment for this area. Read more about platelet rich plasma treatment here>>

Sagging around the jaw line (jowls)

This is usually caused by loss of facial volume as we age in the mid face region. The best way to remedy this is using a volumiser such as Radiesse. Volumising involves replacing lost volume with a long lasting filler such as Radiesse. This is a different approach to filling specific wrinkles. Thread face lift can also be an option to restore the jaw line by lifting and supporting the structure of the face using threads fitted under the skin. Sometimes a combination of threads and dermal fillers works well. Read more about Radiesse volumising here>> and read more about the Thread Face Lift here>>

Nasolabial and marionette lines (Nose to mouth and mouth to jaw lines)

Again, these are generally caused by loss of volume in the mid face region. Correction is therefore to replace this volume. They can be filled directly but this rarely gives a really satisfactory result. Read more about Radiesse volumising here>>

Turkey neck

The group of muscles in the neck called the platysma separate as we age. Botox can be used to relax these muscled so that they are less prominent. This is called a non surgical neck lift, though it isn’t actually lifting anything, just softening the appearance. Read more about Botox here>>

Fine lines and wrinkles

These are often the symptom of poorly hydrated mature skin. As we age, it becomes even more important to keep the skin hydrated. Mature skin will also benefit from topical products containing Retinol (vitamin A) and vitamin C as these are essential vitamins for collagen production in the skin. Find out about Obagi Skin Care here>>

Age spots

These age related skin blemishes can be reduced with phototherapy (IPL) which breaks down the melanin or chemical skin peels, which remove the surface layer of excess pigmentation and kept at bay with a good skin care regime which includes retinol to help regulate the production of melanin and a good SPF. Read more about IPL photorejuvenation here>>

Thread veins

Thread veins can be treated individually using cosmetic diathermy to seal them off. However, for large areas of thread veins photofacials using IPL (intense pulse light) is more effective. This treatment also helps stimulate collagen production which is an added bonus! You may need 3 or more IPL treatments to get optimal results.


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